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    The BEST place to train in: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) – MMA Grappling – Submission Wrestling – Takedowns – and More! FUN and AMAZING Programs for Adults, Teens, and Kids

    30 Day Free Trial call now: 905-213-9260

    100 Steelcase Road East, Suite 201
    serving Markham – Toronto – Richmond Hill – North York – Scarborough – and More!

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      Archive of Recent News
      Lin Martial Arts Makes History

      Lin Martial Arts becomes the official and ONLY Canadian Branch of the WORLD FAMOUS, powerhouse MMA, Muay Thai, and #1 BJJ team in the North America!!!

      Grapplers Quest Canadian National Championships (London)

      Team Lin Victory at Grapplers QuestCongrats to everyone that competed in Grappler’s Quest Canadian National Championships in London, ON last weekend! Our TEAM once again dominated the competition and took home lots of hardware. Even though we only entered 7 competitors, we won an incredible 10 Medals and 6 GOLD! Congrats to TEAM LIN members

      • Chris (GOLD)
      • Brian (GOLD)
      • Kieran (GOLD & Bronze)
      • Ali (GOLD)
      • Ron (GOLD & Bronze)
      • Matt (Bronze)
      • Kevin (GOLD & Bronze)


      Toronto MMA Expo / Abu Dhabi Pro North American Wildcard Tournament (Toronto)

      Congrats to Lin Martial Arts & Affiliates for smashing the competition and taking home the TEAM AWARD in the Gi Division of the Toronto MMA Expor/Abu Dhabi Pro North American Wildcard Tournament by a HUGE margin. We scored almost DOUBLE team points of the next team, even though we had fewer competitors. Go TEAM LIN!

      Abu Dhabi Pro North American Trials (Montreal)

      Lin MMA winning at the Abu Dhabi BJJ North American Trials

      Congrats to all TEAM LIN competitors who travelled to compete (and party!) in Montreal. Team Results: Lin Martial Arts & Affiliates scored the highest at the Abu Dhabi Pro in Mtl, with 126 total points! The next best team scored only 46 pts, then 25 pts!

      Ontario Open

      Lin MMA winning at the Ontario Open BJJ Championships

      Congrats to Lin Martial Arts & Affiliates! We won both the Gi and NoGi Team awards for most medals. GAMMA (Montreal) and Lin Martial Arts each individually won more medals than any other team, and we had less competitors than most other teams. No-Gi Day: Kevin Gold, Brian Gold, Chris Gold, Kieran Silver, Evan Bronze, Emilio Bronze, Sammy Bronze, Matt Gold. Gi Day: Chino Gold, Kevin Gold, Brian Gold, Chris Silver, Neetu Bronze. Simply Amazing!

      NAGA World Championships (New Jersey)

      Congrats to everyone who competed in this year’s NAGA World Championships. As a TEAM of only three, we took home four medals, two GOLD, and two SILVER!

      IBJJF No-Gi World Championships (Long Beach, California)

      Lin MMA winning at the BJJ World Championships

      Congrats to the the Team at the No Gi World Championships. With only three competitors, we took home two medals: Emilio (GOLD), and Ahmad (SILVER). Matt won his first match by submission but got DQed in his second match.

      Joslin’s Canadian Championships (Hamilton)

      Lin MMA winning at the Joslins Canadian Championships for grappling and submission Wrestling

      Congrats to the Lin Martial Arts team for going UNDEFEATED at this year’s Joslin’s Canadian Open No Gi divisions. We entered five competitors, and won FIVE Championship Belts! Awesome work to Marc, Tyler, Alton, Kevin, and Ashico!

      The Following Content Below for BJJ, MMA, Muay Thai News in Markham, Toronto, and Richmond Hill is For Archival Purposes Only. Current News Is On Our Facebook Fan Page facebook.com/LinMartialArtsPage

      Dec 5, 2009 – Grading

      Congratulations to everyone on their new promotions:

      • Ray – Purple Belt
      • Zac – Purple Belt
      • Emilio – Purple Belt
      • Vince – Purple Belt
      • J.F. – Blue Belt
      • Rich – Blue Belt
      • Marc F. – Blue Belt
      • Mark S. – Blue Belt

      Watch out world! Here comes a new wave!

      Nov 8, 2009 – Lin Martial Arts win Gold(s) at the No-Gi Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Championships

      We sent four Lin Martial Arts atheletes to the 2009 No-Gi BJJ World Championships this year. Held in Long Beach, California. The event took place on Nov 8th, and and boasted some formidable competitors, including several professional UFC stars and Mixed Martial Artists such as Josh Barnett, Nick Diaz (UFC), Hermes Franca (UFC), and Baret Yoshida. We dominated our divisions and came home with 3 medals:

      • Steve – Gold
      • Emilio – Gold
      • Ahmad – Silver

      Matt also competed, won his first match by submission, but was disqualified without warning in his second match for an illegal leg placement. Overall, an amazing result, again showing our world class results.

      Nov 7-8, 2009 – Lin Martial Arts win 6 Championship Belts at the Joslin’s Canadian Open Grappling Championships

      On Nov 7th and 8th, 2009, athletes from Lin Martial Arts competed in Joslin’s Canadian Open Grappling Championships held in Hamilton, Ontario. Six athletes from Lin Martial Arts won Championship Belts in their respective divisions. Joslin’s Canadian Open Grappling Championships, held every year in Hamilton, Ontario, is one of the largest Grappling Championships in Canada. Named after Hamilton native and UFC superstar, Jeff Joslin, the event attracts competitors from across Ontario, Quebec, and several neighboring U.S. states. This year, a small team from Lin Martial Arts in Markham, Ontario, travelled to Hamilton to compete in this prestigious Canadian event. Six athletes won first prize, which took the form of a championship belt.

      • Ashico Wilson – Gold
      • Kevin Ong – Gold
      • Kieran Kichuk – Gold
      • Marc Jhingran – Gold
      • Tyler Mason – Gold
      • Alton Yuan – Gold

      These results are just amazing. Congratulations to everyone!

      May 25, 2009 – Ontario Open BJJ Championships
      Across the two days, competing in only 7 divisions, we ended up bringing home 8 medals – maintaining our record of medalling in 100% of the divisions we entered at this tournament.

      Final results Gi day (Day 1):

      • Miki – Gold (all wins by submission)
      • Phil – Gold
      • Serge – Gold
      • Cheeseburger – Bronze
      • Marc – Bronze
      • Rich – Bronze

      No-gi day (Day 2):

      • Rich – Gold
      • Serge – Bronze

      All in all a very impressive result, as this was a very large tournament with lvery competitive divisions.

      We had some very impressive victories and several crowd pleasing submissions. Our team definitely got noticed. All day yesterday and today we were approached by other competitors, spectators, and officials asking about our gym – can they come to train with us, what is our secret, what do we eat, etc.

      As always, even though the medals are given to individuals, the amazing performance by everyone is a Team Lin effort. Everyone who comes to the gym has a hand in the victories by training with and supporting each other. Great job everyone!

      March 14, 2009 – Abu Dhabi Pro World Championships – North American Trials

      Lin Martial Arts sent a team to compete at the North American Trials for the Abu Dhabi Pro World Championships held in Abu Dhabi later this year. Probably Canada’s most prestigious BJJ tournament to date, the competition was stacked, but Lin Martial Arts was able to prove why we are one of the top gyms in the country.

      Congratulations to all Lin Martial Arts competitors who competed. We walked away with 3 medals that day – 1 GOLD and 2 Bronze!

      • Emilio – GOLD
      • Alex – Bronze
      • Rich – Bronze

      Everyone worked hard for this tournament, and we are all proud of all of the competitors who stepped up to this tough challenge.
      Team Lin Gold Medals

      Dec 13, 2008 – Lin BJJ Grading

      Congratulations to all Lin Martial Arts BJJ members who were promoted on Saturday. It was an honour to have Murilo Bustamante present at the grading. Murilo is a BJJ World Champion and former UFC Middleweight Champion (he never lost the belt in the ring, but just did not do a mandatory title defense due to contractual differences). We have a new wave of purple and blue belts to terrorize the tournaments, and more on the way!

      From Lin Martial Arts, congratulations to

      • Alex H. – Purple Belt
      • Matt K. – Purple Belt
      • Adam R. – Blue Belt
      • Adrian H.- Blue Belt
      • Alton Y.- Blue Belt
      • Andrew T. -Blue Belt
      • Lorne G.- Blue Belt
      • Marc J. – Blue Belt

      You guys have all been working hard and your belts are well deserved!

      Nov 16, 2008 – Joslins Canadian Open Grappling Championships
      We had a great day at the 2008 Joslin’s Canadian Grappling Championship in Hamilton. Joslin’s is traditionally the largest Grappling tournament in Ontario and Canada. This year was no exception – there were 70 adult divisions, and several divisions were massive, being 60 people deep! Schools from all over Ontario and beyond came out to compete.

      As usual, Lin Martial Arts dominated it’s competiton. With only about 20 competitors, we took home around 15 medals: 4 Golds, 3 Silvers, 4 or so Bronzes, and 4 4th places. Our guys won their first round a staggering 85% of the time, which is above the 50% average and likely one of the top result of any gym around. And we had A LOT of submission victories with many flying armbars and triangles.

      • Ahmad: Gold Gi – all wins by submission
      • Ahmad: Gold NoGi – all wins by submission
      • Andrew McCron: Gold/Silver Gi – unscored upon in first 5 matches
      • Emilio: Gold NoGi – all wins by submission
      • Emilio: Silver Gi
      • Matt Kocal: Silver NoGi
      • Miki: Silver NoGi – all wins by submission
      • Ray: Bronze Gi – Ray and Wes closed out the division at 3rd and 4th
      • Art: Bronze Gi
      • Neetu: Bronze Gi
      • Andrew T: Bronze Gi
      • Wes: 4th Gi – Ray and Wes closed out the division at 3rd and 4th
      • Adam: 4th Gi
      • Andrew T: 4th NoGi
      • Chris: 4th NoGi

      We are still a growing club, and our amazing results will continue! Finally, placing or not, winning or not, everyone fought their hearts out, and tried their best. Everyone showed class and respect and learned from the experience. You can’t ask for anything more from yourself, and it makes me very proud of everyone.

      June 14, 2008 – Lin Martial Arts BJJ Grading
      Congratulations to all BJJ members who were promoted on Saturday. Overall, our affiliation graduated about a dozen purple belts, twenty-odd blue belts, and one more BJJ Black Belt. Congratulations go especially to Sean Locke, who recieved his Black Belt!

      From Lin Martial Arts, congratulations to

      • Ahmad K. – Purple Belt
      • Emilio – Blue Belt
      • Ray – Blue Belt
      • Tyler – Blue Belt

      You guys have all been working hard and your belts are well deserved!

      May 25th, 2008 – Bravado No-Gi Tournament Results
      Congrats to everyone who competed at the tournament this weekend. As usual, we did very well. It was the competition debut for a few of our competitors, and several of our other competitors were making their debut in a new division. Despite those challenges, all our competitors had good matches and overall we did terrific – proving once again that we produce some of the best competitors in the region.

        Lin Martial Arts
      • Andrew M: Gold – 205 Beginner
      • Matt G: Silver – 140 Beginner
      • Emilio: Silver – 170 Int
      • Andrew T: Silver – 225 Int
      • Neetu: Silver – Adv
      • Reggie: Bronze – 155 Adv
      • Eitan: Bronze – 185 Int


      Apr 5th, 2008 – West End Rumble Tournament Results
      Congratulations to our whole team for their spectacular showing at the West End Rumble Tournament this past weekend. We won the 1st place Team Award in the No-Gi division. We were able to dominate and medal in almost every division we entered. With 13 competitors, we brought home 17 medals.

      Our results continue to prove that our team is unique and special in our techniques, our training and our heart.


      • Serge – Silver 155 Jrs
      • Neetu – Gold Womens
      • Emilio – Gold 170
      • Zac – Gold 185
      • Reggie – Gold 155

      No Gi:

      • Neetu – Gold Womens
      • Emilio – Gold 170
      • Mark Hill – Gold/Silver (closed out the division w/ Tyler) 155
      • Tyler – Gold/Silver (closed out the division w w/ Mark Hill) 155
      • Alex Halkias – Gold/Silver (closed out the division w/ Matt Kocal) 155
      • Matt Kocal – Gold/Silver (closed out the division w/ Alex) 155
      • Marc Jinghran – Bronze (closed out the division w/ Matt/Alex) 155
      • Serge – Silver 155 Jrs
      • Zac – Silver 185
      • Wayne – Bronze 140

      Absolute (open weight division):

      • Emilio – 3rd place; highlights: submitted a 205 lbs KJJ Brown Belt by triangle. (This Brown Belt won the Advanced 205 lb division)
      • Matt Kocal – 2nd place; highlihts: submitted a 205 lbs BJJ Purple Belt by Rear Naked Choke. (This Purple placed 2nd in the 205 lbs Advanced division)

      We had one loss due to injury and one competitor was missed entirely due to a tournament administrative error. But despite those setbacks, our team charged on, often in dominating fashion.

      We had a great day. And everyone on the team has much to be proud of. Regardless of whether you competed or not, or medaled or not, we all had a part in the success that we each had today. Every day that you support or train with your team-mates helps them, yourself, and the team get better.

      Congrats to all!

      Nov 25th, 2007 – Lin BJJ Belt Exam

      BJJ Black Belts & Blue Belts Lin Martial Arts TorontoCongrats to all Team Lin Martial Arts and affiliate members who were graded this weekend in Montreal. Everyone has been working very smart and it’s been paying off in our tournament results and advancement in belts.

      Congrats to the following Lin Martial Arts members:

      • Zac – Blue Belt
      • Vince – Blue Belt
      • Hamid – Blue Belt
      • Raul – Blue Belt
      • Gene – Blue Belt

      Congrats also to the Affiliation members in Montreal and Quebec for their belts as well. Tons of other people got their belts including Terry for Brown Belt, and Biggie and Phil for their Purple Belts.

      On the horizon are another wave of people soon to be ready for their next belt!

      Nov 11th, 2007 – Joslin’s Canadian Championship Grappling Tournament Results

      Congrats to all Team Lin Martial Arts and affiliate members who competed at Joslins this weekend. Joslin’s is one of the largest Gi and No-gi tournaments of the year, bringing some of the fiercest competition around. To medal at this tournament is no small feat. Congrats to the following Lin Martial Arts (and affiliate) medallists:



      • Zac – Gold
      • Neetu – Silver
      • Krista – Gold

      No Gi

      • Zac – Silver
      • Neetu – Bronze
      • Wayne – Bronze

      Zac was definitely a standout that day, dominating and winning 9 of his 10 matches. His only loss comes from a very close final match in the no-gi division. Honourable mention also goes to Yuri, Alex, Marc, Mike, Shawn, Alaina and Rob for competing and fighting well.

      Sept 29th, 2007 – Bravado Gi Tournament Results

      Congrats to all of Lin Martial Arts and Affiliations for their excellent results at the Bravado Gi Tournament this past weekend. There were hundreds of competitors from all across the GTA, southern Ontario, and even from as far away as Ohio. It was a very competitive field and the day was full of tough matches. Our Lin Martial Arts and Affiliations won the Top Organization Award.

      Lin Martial Arts (with only 5 competitors)

      • Neetu – Gold
      • Emilio – Gold
      • Alex – Gold
      • Reggie – Silver
      • Honourable mention goes to Mike, who fought well in his division

      With only 5 competitors and four medals, Lin Martial Arts acheives one of the highest win and medal percentages of any team there. This last tournament continues our pattern of high win and high medal percentages for every tournament we go to. Our results continue to reinforce the fact that we have one of the highest quality and most successful BJJ/grapling programs in the region.

      GAMMA (Affiliation) (with 15 competitors):

      • Fred – Gold
      • Patrick – Gold
      • Terry – Gold
      • Andrew – Gold
      • David – Silver
      • Jacob – Silver
      • Guillermo – Silver
      • Diego – Bronze

      Together GAMMA and Lin Martial Arts continue to show that they are a powerhouse team for BJJ, Submission Wrestling, Grappling, and Mixed Martial Arts in Canada.

      June 29th, 2007 – Misc Stuff

      We will be closed Sunday July 1st for Canada Day. Happy Canada Day everyone.

      Also, congrats to Marlon, Matt, and Eitan for getting their blue belts last weekend. These guys have been training a while and have been annilhating guys on the mats, so it was about time!

      Also congrats to Emilio and Neetu for competing at the Ontario Grand Prix Invitationals. Emilio had a rough start to the day but showed great heart and determination to bounce back and finish the day with two submissions. And Neetu won gold in both her division (gi and no-gi) to become the Women’s under 145 Ontario Grand Prix Champion.

      June 24th, 2007 – Fabio Holanda Seminar

      We will be hosting a NO-GI/Submission Wrestling seminar with Prof. Fabio Holanda, head of BTT-Canada, on Sunday, June 24th, 2007.

      Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu SEMINAR with

      PROF. FABIO “The Mastermind” HOLANDA

      GRAPPLING SENSATION and professional MMA Fighter

      • Ontario SuperFight Champion, 2006
      • NAGA World Champion, 2004
      • BJJ World Cup – 3rd place, 2002
      • BJJ Pan-Ams – 3rd place, 1999
      • Brazilian Champion – Open Class, 1998
      • Brazilian Northeast Champion 1995, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001
      • RN State champion 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 1998, 2000, 2001

      Fabio Holanda

      Fabio winningWorld Class Coach

      • Grappling coach for Georges St. Pierre, former UFC Welterweight Champion
      • Grappling coach for Patrick Cote, UFC fighter and “The Ultimate Fighter” season 4 finalist
      • Coach for many other local and international BJJ and MMA stars

      WORLD CLASS coaching and techniques!!!

      When: Sunday, June 24th, 2007, 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM
      Where: 951 Denison St. Unit #20, Markham, ON
      Cost: $65 ($10 discount for Lin Martial Arts members)

      Space is limited, so call or email to register in advance and reserve your spot. Phone: (647) 210-7827 email: info@linmartialarts.com

      June 9, 2007 – New Markham Location

      We’ve been super busy lately. On the facilities front, we’ve completed our move from 91 Anderson Ave, Unit #5 to our new, bigger, and better location at 951 Dension St. Unit #20.

      It’s at Warden and Denison, which is a short walk north of Warden and Steeles. There is YRT to the door, and TTC to Warden and Steeles. By car, it’s close to Hwy 404 and Hwy 407.

      We are operational and have begun holding classes there this week. But we are still renovating the place too, so if you drop by, please don’t expect gold-plated toilets or anything quite yet. We have mats down and functioning washrooms, and that’s enough to get started training. Our current mat space is larger than our entire old gym, so we are pretty excited.

      June 2, 2007 – GTA Tournament wins

      GTA Grappling ChampionsAlso, we just had excellent results at the last GTA Grappling Championships held in Mississauga on June 2nd. Many of our students were busy with other commitments, so we only had 7 competitors at this tournament, but we brought home 5 medals (We’re not even including some medals won by our affiliates).

      • Tony (Bronze)
      • Shawn (Silver)
      • Emilio (Gold and Silver)
      • Neetu (Silver)
      • Tyler (won 3/4 matches)
      • Brent (won 2/3 matches)
      • and Zack (won 1/1 match before withdrawing due to injury)

      These guys made it look easy, racking up win after win. Shout outs also to affilate member Don R for winning Gold in his division too. Our team really stood out with our outstanding win ratio, technique, poise, and heart displayed by all members.

      May 22nd, 2007 – 4 New Blue Belts and an MMA win

      A busy weekend for Lin Martial Arts.

      Congratulations to Alex, Phil, Shawn, and James for getting their blue belts this Saturday. They have been working very hard and are part of the first wave of blue belts from Lin Martial Arts. But watchout, because we have plenty more in the making.

      Next up, congratulations to Derwin for winning his debut pro MMA fight (UGC in Montreal). Already a seasoned striker when he came to us, Derwin has been working his ground game with us for a few months now, and it’s showing! The fight was quick, with Derwin winning it in the first round by Armbar!

      Pics coming soon. Congrats to everyone, enjoy your Victoria Day, and back to training on Tuesday!

      Apr 3rd, 2007 Congratulations to everyone for a GREAT showing at the tournament this past weekend (March 31st). We faced some very tough competition but acheived OUTSTANDING results. Everyone showed incredible HEART, TEAM SPIRIT and EFFORT. Our hard work in the gym since the last tournament paid off, and we trained hard, fought well, and all stuck together and supported each other as a team.

      Most teams there won 50% of their first round matches but lost 50% of their first round matches. That’s the law of averages. We won almost 70% of our first round matches – distinctly above the average, and an amazing result when you consider that we’ve only been around for less than a year.

      In total, we racked up 21 victories that day, with 12 of those wins by submission. We earned 6 medals:

      • Neetu no-gi womens under 145 Gold
      • Emilio no-gi 170 mens: Silver
      • Marc no-gi 205 mens: Silver
      • Ken no-gi 205 mens: Bronze
      • Neetu gi womens under 145 Bronze
      • Wes no-gi 170lbs teen: Bronze

      Most importantly, at the end of the day the process was fun and a learning experience! And when you learn, you grow.
      pics here and videos here

      Feb 22nd, 2007 – All BJJ classes at both the Markham and Thornhill locations will be cancelled on Saturday only, March 31st, 2007, as our grappling team will be competing in the Wrestlefest tournament at Martingrove Collegiate. The Muay Thai and Kali Classes will proceed as scheduled.

      For those of you wishing to come out and watch our competitors, the event will occur on Saturday March 31, 2007. Location: Martingrove Collegiate, 50 Winterton Drive, Toronto, Ontario. The weigh-ins are from 8-9:30am and the competition starts after that.

      Good luck to all our competitors!

      Feb 22nd, 2007 – Thanks for everyone that could make it to the seminar – pics to come soon. It was a great day of learning and training. Everyone had an awesome time and it was really good to see our team grow!

      In other news, we will be starting a kids program for ages 8-13 starting this Sunday, Feb 25th. The program will run every Tuesday and Sunday (see schedule for times).

      Feb 18th, 2007 – We will be hosting a seminar with Prof. Fabio Holanda, head of BTT-Canada, on Sunday, Feb 18th, 2007. BTT-Canada - Lin Martial Arts

      Dec 15th, 2006 – We will be having a Holiday Dinner this Friday Dec 15th to celebrate the season.

      Where: Nagoya Japanese Restaurant. 7750 Kennedy Rd (Kennedy & 14th)
      When: Friday Dec 15th, 7:00pm
      What: All you can eat Japanese Food.
      What should I do? Email Steve to reserve a spot ASAP (before Friday, but don’t wait to the last minute).


      Nov 25th, 2006 – We will be hosting another Kali and Filipino Martial Arts seminar with John Maidment on Sat, Nov 25th, 12:00-5:00. (BJJ class that day will be rescheduled for 10:30am – 12:00pm)

      Topics will include

      • Empty Hands vs Dagger
      • Kali Silat/ Panatukan Maphilindo Silat
      • Jun Fan Gung Fu

      Nov 12th, 2006 – Congratulations to everyone that competed at the Joslin’s tournament in Hamilton this Sunday. We had some very eager and game competitors test out the waters. It was a long day, and Alex, Andrew, Emilio, Don, Eitan, Joe, Jojo, Jordan, Kyle, Mark and Victor went in there and fought their hearts out and made us proud! We worked well as a team, supporting each other in training all the way through the day of the event. We had some victories and some losses, but everyone fought very well. The most important thing is that we gained some experience, we had fun, and we learned a lot.

      It’s time to rest up, analyze what we’ve learned, and use it to keep growing!

      Oct 28th, 2006 – In his commitment to improving the training and teaching at our gym, Steve has been on the go again, travelling to Montreal to train and spend some time with Prof. Fabio Holanda of BTT-Canada (Brazilian Top Team – Canada). Fabio is one of the best Jiu-Jitsu fighters in Canada and a great coach, having produced a lot of BJJ, submission wrestling, and MMA champions in the short time that he’s been in Canada. Steve had a chance to experience first-hand Fabio’s incredible skills on the mat and was very impressed. Also he was exposed to a different style of coaching that is producing some amazing results.

      Steve would like to thank Prof Holanda & Julianna, Philip Gelinas, Mike, Sean Locke, and all the others at BTT-Canada and GAMMA for their hospitality and warm welcome.

      Oct 16th, 2006 – Steve has returned from an intensive 3-day Straight Blast Gym (SBGi) Fall Training Camp. The camp was very impressive on many levels. The atmosphere was great, the coaches were very knowledgeable and capable, and the techniques, drills, and ideas presented were top notch. Those in the grappling classes can look forward to being exposed to some new training methods.

      Also, thanks to Ernie for letting Steve sleep on his couch, play Xbox and eat his food.

      Sept 18th, 2006 – Our day at the Markham Healthy Living Expo was a great success! The weather co-operated, the sun was shining, and the community came out to Cornell Mews Park for a fun family-oriented day. We had a booth there, fielded some questions, and did four demonstrations. Our demonstrations were real crowd pleasers – check out the action in our pics and videos section.

      Special thanks to all those who helped out and supported. Special thanks to Sean, Anthony, Ray, Kyle, Mike, and Dom for the amazing Muay Thai and Kali demos; Neetu, Zobair, Victor, and Eitan for their awesome BJJ and MMA demos; Joe, James, Raul, Master Chu, and Binh for helping with the booth supplies; and Marlon, Alex, Mark, and Max for moral support. This was a fun day, a great team effort, and everyone’s contribution was appreciated!

      Sept 7th, 2006 – We’ve finally updated our website with some pictures in the pics section. These are actually a few months old, as we’ve been busy training. More pics to come!

      In other news, weather permitting, we will be doing some demonstrations at the Cornell Healthy Living Expo on Sept 17th. The event will be held in Cornell Mews Park (just east of 9th Line, on Cornell Park Ave) from 11 am to 3 pm, so if you are in the area, come on out and say hi!

      Also, we’d like to announce that John Maidment will be conducting a FMA seminar downtown that same weekend. We hosted one of his seminars in May, and recommend anyone in the area to go check him out. Click here for more info.

      July 15th, 2006 – We are continuing to grow! Due to our increasing class sizes, we are adding a Monday BJJ class from 7:30 – 9:00 pm at our Markham location. The focus of this class will be mostly drilling and sparring. This class will allow you extra mat time to practice lessons that you have learned in the previous week and work them out with some controlled sparring!

      July 5th, 2006 – We are pleased to announce that we have started teaching BJJ classes in Thornhill, near Yonge and Steeles. Our classes are held 3 times a week (see schedule) inside Chu’s Martial Arts at 55 Glen Cameron Rd. The turnout has been great thusfar. If you are in the area, please come on by.

      May 21st, 2006 – NOTE: We will be hosting a John Maidment FMA seminar on Saturday, May 27th, 2006. Class times will be from 10-12 and 2-4 pm. The BJJ class will be rescheduled to 12-2 pm for that day only.

      May 2nd, 2006 – Grand Opening Day!!! After a hectic month of facilities preparations, we were able to open our doors for business today. We had a great turnout for our opening class in BJJ and we know it will only grow. We look forward to building a strong team here in Markham, and we are very excited about the potential we see in our new students!

      If you have ever been interested in the martial arts, come on out and check us out!

      April 23rd, 2006 – Congratulations to James Lin for acheiving his BLACK BELT in Judo. James has been training in Judo for a very long time and has experience training in Canada, in Japan (at the Kodokan!) and in Taiwan with the Taiwanese Olympic Judo team.

      Congratulations to James for his well deserved belt! A student of many martial arts, this is James’ second black belt, his first one being in Shotokan Karate.

      April 16th, 2006 – Renovations are under way and everything is on schedule for our grand opening, May 2nd 2006. The facilities are beginning to take shape and we are excited by the potential of this location. Thanks to all the people that are helping out!

      We getting calls already for people excited to join. If you are reading this but haven’t called yet, CALL NOW! Make sure you register with us early to qualify for our Opening Membership Specials.