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Team Lin Martial Arts dominating the Abu Dhabi Pro Trials in Toronto MMA ExpoWhen deciding to choose a martial arts school, we realize that you have many options. However, we believe we offer something unique over other schools. We take a modern approach to our programs. In our classes, you will find a friendly atmosphere, lots of personal attention, and modern, progressive, and intense training!

Get Results, FAST!

We've designed our programs to MAXIMIZE YOUR RESULTS in the shortest periods of time. And we are constantly fine tuning our training methods based on the performance and feedback of our students.

Kevin Winning BJJ Abu Dhabi in Toronto MMA Expo - Lin Martial Arts We base our classes on strong fundamentals - ensuring each student first gains a strong technical foundation. And we build methodically from there. Additionally, we always stay on the cutting edge of new training methods and techniques and incorporate them into our classes.

We believe in training hard AND TRAINING SMART and developing technical fighters, not just training hard and learning to brawl. Our methods work for the short and small, to the large and strong, and everyone in between. Our students prove that our methods work every day on the mats in the gym, and in competitions, where we have produced many students who have been successful at local, national, and international level competitions (see testimonials).

We invite you to come out and try our classes and feel the difference for yourself!


TEAM LIN having Fun (after destroying the competition) Our goal at Lin Martial Arts is to encourage the study and practice of Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, Muay Thai, Kali, and other martial arts as a means for personal development and growth. To that end, we believe that with a strong team behind you, you can achieve anything you want!

Every day, we are cultivating a close-knit team; by the way we train together, strive for our goals, and by sharing common ideas. We are always supporting, encouraging, and pushing one another to grow and achieve new heights. We stand by one another in our setbacks, encourage one another through our challenges, and celebrate together in our victories.

We are building a team of like-minded individuals: people who are happy, positive, loyal, supportive and honorable. People who show integrity, grace under pressure, heart and tenacity. People who are great fighters, with tremendous technique, composure, and ferocity, yet also people who are well balanced. True champions and winners in life, not just on the mats or in the ring.

Our team is truly like our extended FAMILY!
If this sounds like something you want to be a part of, contact us or give us a call (info@linmartialarts.com or 905-213-9260)
TEAM LIN dominates Ontario Open BJJ Championships

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