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Do You Want To Learn Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) The Right Way?

Learn This Exciting Sport, Get In Amazing Shape, And Follow A System Proven By Champions In A Safe, Friendly Setting

Lin Martial Arts MMA Mixed Martial Arts in Toronto-Markham-Richmond Hill

Our classes are:

  • World Class Instructors
  • World Class Team
  • Organized CURRICULUM

UFC Champion Dominick Cruz Raves About Training at Lin Martial Arts!


Listen, now that the UFC is super-popular, every single traditional martial arts school is jumping on the bandwagon, trying to teach MMA. While you can find a few that are quality, the truth is MOST OF THEM ARE NO GOOD!

Take the time to educate yourself by reading on, and choose the RIGHT School!

Be Confident That By Joining Lin Martial Arts You Will be LEARNING the REAL THING from the BEST TEAM around!

LIN Martial Arts "the Others"
  • Championship TEAM with PROVEN Methods
UFC Dominick Cruz
  • No accomplishments
  • Unproven training methods
  • No experience training any MMA Athletes
EXPERT coaches in every range of Combat:
  • For Grappling: The BEST, most progressive and organized BJJ Black Belt Instruction in Canada; our programs have produced World Champions in BJJ and Submission Wrestling
  • For Striking: Coaches with over 40 years of experience; has coached Strikers in Russia, Israel, and Canada and coached Strikers to the World Championships three times
Just started training in the last few years trying to jump on the MMA bandwagon.
  • For Grappling: No rank in BJJ; or inferior BJJ; or some made up rank in a fake system!
  • For Striking: Old Outdated Methods of training; Non-Contact or Non-Combat Style Striking/Fighting backgrounds trying to parade themselves as experts in Combat Oriented, Proven, MMA Style Striking
Striking coaches that understand Grappling and Grappling coaches that understand Striking. Our coaches cross train! Close-minded Striking coaches that don't believe in Grappling, and vice-versa.

Review by Tyler Mason, Radio Co-host of The Showdown MMA Show on the Fan 590:

Review by Derwin, Won His First MMA Fight By Armbar After Training With Us For Only Three Months

What is Mixed Martial Arts (MMA)? Mixed Martial Arts (aka MMA) is the fastest growing, most exciting combat sport today. With the popularity of such TV shows as The Ultimate Fighter, WEC, Bellator, or PPV events like The UFC (The Ultimate Fighting Championships), Mixed Martial Arts has gained widespread acceptance and interest. People from all walks of life, from teenagers, to university students, to people working 9 to 5 jobs have come fans and taken an interest in the sport.

However, some people, LIKE YOU (since you are reading this) want to learn it! So what is it? At it's core, modern MMA combines four major martial arts disciplines: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Muay Thai, Wrestling and Boxing. All the best MMA Champions train and are skilled in these four disciplines. That's why we specialize in these four Martial Arts at Lin Martial Arts.

Did You Know You Can Learn MMA Safely? If you live in Markham, Toronto, Richmond Hill, North York, or Scarborough, now you can learn the same exciting moves that you see on TV at your own pace, in a safe, progressive setting here at Lin Martial Arts. We have a progressive system that gives you the proper foundation skills in Mixed Martial Arts, whether you want to do it as a hobby for fun and to get in shape, or whether you want to compete. Most of our students do it recreationally, while we have several Pro Athletes that we train as well.

What is our MMA Program like? Our MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) program is appropriate for men, women and teens (over 14 years old) of all ages and fitness levels (no one is too old or too out of shape!). Our program combines our World Class BJJ, MMAGrappling, and Submission Wrestling program with our MMA Striking, Boxing, and Muay Thai Kickboxing Programs to give you an Amazing customized program that will ensure that you learn MMA he right way!

Each class is a fun and enjoyable workout that will build muscle tone, cardio, flexibility and coordination. You will get in great shape, you will learn how to use your body to it's MAXIMUM potential, you'll gain tremendous self-confidence, AND you will learn amazing self-defense/combat skills.

We serve everyone from the fitness-minded person who is looking for a fun way to get or stay in shape while learning an EFFECTIVE martial art, and the very serious athelete who is looking to compete and win medals. Come Challenge Yourself in a friendly and comfortable atmosphere. Call us right now at (647) 210-7827 or email us at info@linmartialarts.com to schedule your 30 Day FREE TRIAL!

see you on the mats!
LIN Martial Arts

P.S. Check out More Testimonials from people just like you:

Rave Review: Evolve Your BJJ or MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) Training To The Next Level

"I've had many coaches/teachers in my life. Ranging from hockey, lacrosse (25 years + 1 year pro) to martial arts. I've trained in Thailand, Brazil, U.S.A and Canada; the best coaches/teachers all have something in common. The ability to listen and give their students just the right amount of guidance for the student to learn and develop at their own pace. Steve Lin has this characteristic!

Steve has helped me to become more technical and more efficient in my movements. Steve's complete understanding of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu allows him to evolve your BJJ or MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) training to the next level.

Even though I outweigh him by 50 lbs, he is a great training partner who gives me all kinds trouble. Just when I think I may be able to touch him he breaks out some "stuff" I've never seen before; and when I say, "What the f*#$ was that?" He says it was a variation of some basic we did last week!

From my standpoint he is invaluable to my training as an MMA fighter. His understanding of movement and fighting helped me win my the first MMA competition. It was an 8 man-tournament in which I had 3 MMA fights within 2 hours - none of wich went longer than 6 minutes. His help with regards to ground control enabled me to defeat 2 oponents via Kimura submission and 1 via Ground'n'Pound! Steve is the real deal!"

- Bill Fraser, Danger-Zone Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) Tournament Champion, Team Wand Vanderlei Silva Professional Fight Team
Rave Review: I Would Qualify Steve Lin As One Of The Most Gifted And Talented BJJ Fighters And Instructors I Have Ever Seen

"I have travelled all around the world and have been blessed to see some of the world's best fighters train with some of the best instructors. I would qualify Steve Lin as one of the most gifted and talented BJJ fighters and instructors I have ever seen. His attention to detail is second to none and his skill in bringing out the best in his students is incredible. His track record speaks for itself.

He embodies what Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is all about. He may be light, but he is grand in both skill and technique. One of my earliest memories in BJJ took place in 1998. It was then that I sparred with Steve for the first time. I can vividly remember how easily Steve would sweep and reverse me from any position, and consequently submit me over and over again with little or no effort at all. It was that day that I learned one does not need strength to excel in Jiu-Jitsu, but rather, a basic combination of skill, technique and timing. Steve Lin embodies these attributes and over the years, has shared them with anyone who is smart enough to listen."

- 'Showdown' Joe Ferraro, Host of The Showdown MMA Show on the Fan 590, Host of MMA Connected on Rogers Sportsnet, Mixed Martial Arts Broadcaster

Check Out This Teenager Who Lost 60 lbs at Lin Martial Arts!

Rave Review: Lin Martial Arts is AWESOME!

If you’re in Toronto, and you want to learn how to play some Jiu-Jitsu, or if you want to learn how to Strike, or if you want to do anything with MMA, I highly recommend Lin Martial Arts. They are super respectful, there are no egos when you walk in, you can come in, be brand new, get a great workout, learn something, and when you’re done, end up feeling happy and knowledgeable!”

- Dominick Cruz
UFC World Champion

P.P.S. If you've read this far, and still haven't called us to make an appointment, what are you waiting for? All you have to do is fill out this form, and one of our consultants will get in touch with you to get you started on your no-risk, no-obligation, 100% FREE 30 Day Trial.

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Yes, you read that right! If you are serious about joining a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) program, we want to make it easy for you by offering you a RISK-FREE, no obligation, 100% FREE, 30 DAY FREE Trial. You don't have to pay one cent! Plus, during your 30 Day FREE TRIAL you can try any, or all of our programs: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, MMA, Muay Thai, and Boxing! Sounds good, right? It gets even better!

Guarantee #2: 60 DAY Satisfaction Guarantee!

60 Day Guarantee at Lin Martial Arts for our Markham-Toronto Location We also offer an IRON-CLAD 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, on all our Teen & Adult programs, so you can try out our programs completely risk free! Come and try us out with your FREE 30 Day Trial and pay absolutely nothing at all. Then, only if you are convinced we can help you reach all your goals, sign up. Put us to the test for an additional 30 days, and if you are not completely satisfied, we'll give you all your tuition back! That's right, that is a full 60 Days to prove to yourself that we will provide you with the best training, or you pay nothing!

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FREE Bonus MMA BJJ and Muay Thai gifts at Lin Martial Arts from our Markham-Toronto Location When you call us and qualify for your FREE 30 Day Trial, we'll also give you a

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