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The Largest and Best MMA Facility serving Markham, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, and North York

Lin Martial Arts is the Premiere MMA Training Facility in Markham, Ontario, also serving Richmond Hill, Toronto, Scarborough, and Richmond Hill. With almost 9,000 sq ft, our schools is fully equiped with

  • Three Full Sized Training Areas
  • Fully Equiped Weight Room
  • Changerooms & Showers
  • MMA Cage Walls
  • MMA Wrestling Walls
  • Heavy Bags
  • Tackle Bags, MMA Ground & Pound Bags
  • Premium Quality Zebra MMA Mats
  • Flexi-Roll Wrestling Mats
  • Matted Walls
  • Mirrors
  • Natural Sunlight
  • Air Conditioning
  • and more

Mat 1

Mat 1 - Weights - Reception - Premium Mats Weight Room

Weight Room

Weight Room

Mat 2

Mat 2 - MMA Cage - Heavy Bags - Wrestling Wall - GroundNPound Bags

Mat 3

Mat 3 - Mirrors - Heavy Bags - Natural Sunlight - Air Conditioning

IT'S 100% FREE!