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Looking for the MOST FUN and EFFECTIVE MMA School In Markham, Toronto, and Richmond Hill?

Train with US and FEEL the DIFFERENCE! Transform Yourself Into The BEST Shape of your Life, while having Fun and Learning to Kick Butt!

Welcome to LIN Martial Arts! Thank you for visiting our website and letting us share with you why we are hands-down Your #1 BEST Choice for Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), Muay Thai KickBoxing, Olympic Boxing, and Kids Martial Arts training in Toronto, Markham, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, North York, and surrounding areas.

Whether you want to get in Amazing Shape, Learn Self-Defense, or Become A World Champion, TEAM LIN can help you achieve your goals! We offer fun, friendly classes for beginners and experts alike, with programs for kids, teens, and adults. We have a variety of programs to suit your needs, including exciting classes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ), MMA/UFC-style training, and Muay Thai. Our world class instructors will help you get amazing results! We invite you to join our WINNING TEAM and see for yourself why we are the BEST choice for you.

Come join the fun, be a part Lin Martial Arts, the #1 MMA team in Markham, Scarborough, Richmond Hill, North York, and Toronto.

UFC Champion Dominick Cruz Raves About Training at Lin Martial Arts!

Top 10 Reasons Why We Are Your BEST Choice:

  1. Our school is one of the most BEGINNER-FRIENDLY schools in Canada.
  2. Our school produces some of the BEST and TOUGHEST athletes in Canada.
  3. We have some of the BEST INSTRUCTORS and BEST CURRICULUM in Canada.
  4. Proven Track Record: We have a World Class Competition Team, and have taken brand new beginners and turned them into NATIONAL and WORLD CHAMPIONS
  5. Our classes are FUN and MOTIVATING and you'll make a lot of new friends!
  6. Our classes will transform you into a LEAN, MEAN, SCULPTED FIGHTING MACHINE!
  7. We don't just train. We emphasize traditional values such as RESPECT, HONOR and TEAMWORK
  8. We use the most modern, scientific training methods to give you the BEST RESULTS in the shortest time ( many of our students progress 200-300% faster than students at some of our "competitor gyms")
  9. QUALITY over quantity. We are not a mega-gym franchise where you become just a number lost in the crowd. We care about your progress! With us, you get PERSONAL ATTENTION from the instructors and the rest of the TEAM
  10. We cultivate a tight-knit TEAM ENVIRONMENT that is positive and supportive, and it breeds success!

Come in and let us show you why we are the best gym for you!

see you on the mats!
LIN Martial Arts

P.S. Check out our Testimonials from people just like you:

Rave Review: Lin Martial Arts is an Amazing Academy

Justin new student to BJJ"Lin Martial Arts is an amazing academy. I'm brand new to Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ) and have only been training here for 2 weeks - but I'm already hooked. Not only is Steve Lin an incredible instructor, but he has created a culture of teamwork. I've found all of the more experienced students to be extremely friendly and more than willing to help. I would genuinely recommend these classes to everyone!"
- Justin Tanas, New Student, Markham

Rave Review: I Was Just A Skinny Kid From Markham Who Accepted The Challenge Of A Lifetime And WON!

Marc BJJ champThe Lin Martial Arts TEAM has done amazing things for me in so many ways. It opened my eyes to the actual and realistic aspect of fighting. Everyday you get better just by training and listening to top quality instructors. I've never been apart of anything so effective towards what it promises. If you had told me 2 and a half years ago that I would place Bronze in the BJJ Ontario Open in a weight class higher than what I am, get GOLD at the AbuDhabi Pro North American Wildcard Championships and compete in the Absolutes and win a match against an opponent 40lbs heavier, then I would've probably laughed at you. But the fact of the matter is that I did it! And I owe it all to the abstract thinking and the complex techniques that Steve Lin and the TEAM of Lin Martial Arts teach everyday. If I could do this, so can you! I was just a skinny kid from Markham who accepted the challenge of a lifetime and won, and so can you. What are you waiting for? Your journey for greatness starts here!

- Marc Fontaine, GOLD Medalist, AbuDhabi Pro North American Wildcard BJJ Championships
Rave Review: I Trained For Years At Another School Prior ... Lin Martial Arts Is A Far Superior School!

Christine likes womens BJJ"I am a firm believer that BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) is the best martial arts to learn as a female. Not only is it great for self defence purposes, but it’s also a fun way to get in shape. I trained for years at another school prior to discovering Lin Martial Arts and know that Lin Martial Arts is a far superior school! Steve Lin is an amazing instructor - having mastered the techniques of BJJ and the art of teaching BJJ. The students at LMA are welcoming and very helpful which makes it a great learning environment. Brazilian Jiu jitsu has enhanced my life in many ways and I look forward to continuing my journey at Lin Martial Arts!"

- Christine La, North York
Rave Review: The Only Regret I Have Is Not Starting At Lin's At The Very Beginning

Cordon recommends Lin Martial Arts"I have trained BJJ (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) in many different gyms in Canada, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Of all of them, I truly find that Lin's teachings are of the best quality hands down.

BJJ has always been something difficult for me to pick up. I would learn a bunch of different submissions and defenses which is all great, but I had a difficult time to either remember them, or to apply them when I'm rolling.

With Lin's school, in TOTAL honesty, I feel like I've achieved more in 6 classes, than in 6 months with any other school. It's really in the quality of the Lin's teaching that makes his BJJ gym so great compared to many others. He has names that make any series of moves easier to remember, explains all the minor details that help make a submission or defense work, and most importantly, speaks perfect English. =D

The only regret I have is not starting BJJ @ Lin's @ the very beginning.

I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone that wants to thoroughly develop their BJJ skills."

- Cordon Lam, Markham / North York
Rave Review: This Gym Will Not Only Get You Where You Want ... It Will Get You There AT LEAST TWICE AS FAST!

"Having trained at other gyms before, I can really appreciate what Lin Martial Arts offers to its students. One of its best attributes is its CURRICULUM. With his methodical approach to teaching, Steve has created a SYSTEM that produces waves of top-quality grapplers from white belts to brown belts. This allows for a wide range of training partners differing in experience and styles. Lin Martial Arts made my training so efficient, that I was able to achieve great results during competition. I placed first in the 2009 Joslin's Tournament Advanced Division, while being the smallest competitor and studying full-time and working part-time. This gym will not only get you to where you want to be ... it will get you there at least twice as fast!"

- Marc Alan Jhingran, Advanced Division No-Gi Submission Wrestling Gold Medalist, Joslin's Canadian National Championships
Rave Review: I switched from another gym and found such a difference in the environment

Starting BJJ was intimidating, coming in as a woman was even more intimidating! I switched from another gym and found such a difference in the environment. Everyone has been welcoming and respectful. I recommend Lin Martial Arts for anyone looking for a good gym, great instruction and supportive students!

- Virginia So, Markham
Rave Review: Boxing Classes At Lin Martial Arts Is Just As Amazing

Asides from the world class BJJ instructions from Steve Lin; boxing classes at Lin Martial Arts is just as amazing. I have been to other boxing gyms only to find that it was yet another group fitness class. I was disappointed, until I found the boxing classes here at Lin's. The boxing coach at Lin's is a veteran, and he brings with him a wealth of knowledge in the boxing discipline. The classes are practical and technical, geared towards anyone who is serious about becoming a great striker.

- Alton Yuan, GOLD Medalist, Intermediate Divison GOLD Medalist, Joslin's Canadian National Championship
Rave Review: The Level Of Jiu-Jitsu here is GREAT!

"Me and JT Torres just came up to Toronto and stopped by Steve Lin's school. They ran a great competition class. The level of Jiu-Jitsu here is GREAT. Super technical guys. The facilities are awesome. I love the showers in back! That's great. They have a super friendly atmosphere. And I just want to thank Master Lin for letting us come up and train. Thank you so much!"

- Keenan Cornelius
BJJ World Champion
No Gi World Champion
Pan Champion
European Champion
Brazilian National Champion
Rave Review: You Will Never Find Better Instruction Than At Lin Martial Arts, No Matter How Hard You Look!

I never really found anything I was passionate about, or anything that I could excell at. But when I got into BJJ I found something to be passionate about and I was fortunate enough to start at the right gym: Lin Martial Arts. What's better then having a passion? Excelling at your passion! And training at LMA has provided that for me. You will never find better instruction, no matter how hard you look!

- Kieran Kichuk, GOLD Medalist, 15 Years Old, Grapplers Quest Canadian National Championship

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Guarantee #2: 60 DAY Satisfaction Guarantee!

60 Day Guarantee at Lin Martial Arts for our Markham-Toronto Location We also offer an IRON-CLAD 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so you can try out our programs completely risk free! Come and try us out with your FREE 30 Day Trial and pay absolutely nothing at all. Then, only if you are convinced we can help you reach all your goals, sign up. Put us to the test for an additional 30 days, and if you are not completely satisfied, we'll give you all your tuition back! That's right, that is a full 60 Days to prove to yourself that we will provide you with the best training, or you pay nothing!

Guarantee #3: FREE Bonuses

FREE Bonus MMA BJJ and Muay Thai gifts at Lin Martial Arts from our Markham-Toronto Location When you call us and qualify for your FREE 30 Day Trial, we'll also give you a

  • FREE Private Lesson (over $120 value)
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Recent News

Grapplers Quest Canadian National Championships (London)
Team Lin arms raised in Victory at Grapplers QuestCongrats to everyone that competed in Grappler's Quest last weekend! Our TEAM once again dominated the competition and took home lots of hardware. Even though we only entered 7 competitors, we won an incredible 10 Medals and 6 GOLD! Congrats to Chris (GOLD), Brian (GOLD), Kieran (GOLD & Bronze), Ali (GOLD, Ron (GOLD & Bronze), Matt (Bronze), Kevin (GOLD & Bronze).
Lin Martial Arts with all their medals from Grapplers Quest Canadian Championships

Toronto MMA Expo / Abu Dhabi Pro North American Wildcard Tournament (Toronto)
Congrats to Lin Martial Arts & Affiliates for smashing the competition and taking home the TEAM AWARD in the Gi Division but a HUGE margin. We scored almost double the team points of the next team, even though we had fewer competitors.

Abu Dhabi Pro North American Trials (Montreal)
Lin MMA winning at the Abu Dhabi BJJ North American Trials Congrats to all TEAM LIN competitors who travelled to compete (and party!) in Montreal. Team Results: Lin Martial Arts & Affiliates scored the highest at the Abu Dhabi Pro in Mtl, with 126 total points! The next best team scored only 46 pts, then 25 pts!

Ontario Open
Lin MMA winning at the Ontario Open BJJ Championships Congrats to Lin Martial Arts & Affiliates! We won both the Gi and NoGi Team awards for most medals. GAMMA (Montreal) and Lin Martial Arts each individually won more medals than any other team, and we had less competitors than most other teams. No-Gi Day: Kevin Gold, Brian Gold, Chris Gold, Kieran Silver, Evan Bronze, Emilio Bronze, Sammy Bronze, Matt Gold. Gi Day: Chino Gold, Kevin Gold, Brian Gold, Chris Silver, Neetu Bronze. Simply Amazing!

NAGA World Championships (New Jersey)
Congrats to everyone who competed in this year's NAGA World Championships. As a TEAM of only three, we took home four medals, two GOLD, and two SILVER!

Abu Dhabi Pro Canadian Wildcard Tournament/ Toronto MMA Expo
Lin Martial Arts brings 4 competitors, gets 4 medals - 3 Gold, 1 Bronze. Marc - GOLD, Kevin - GOLD, Matt- GOLD, Brian - BRONZE. Congrats to everyone who competed!

IBJJF No-Gi World Championships (Long Beach, California)
Lin MMA winning at the BJJ World Championships Congrats to TEAM LIN at the No Gi World Championships. With only four competitors, we took home three medals (GOLD, GOLD, SILVER).

Joslin's Canadian Championships (Hamilton)
Congrats to the Lin Martial Arts team for going UNDEFEATED at this year's Joslin's Canadian Open No Gi divisions. We entered five competitors, and won FIVE Championship Belts! Awesome work to Marc, Tyler, Alton, Kevin, and Ashico! Lin MMA winning at the Joslins Canadian Championships for grappling and submission Wrestling

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